Two moments between female friends have been attracting attention this week. The first appeared in the wake of Natalie Imbruglia’s marriage break-up and subsequent girl power holiday with gal pal Kylie. The other was a a desperate attempt by Courtney Cox and Jennifer Anniston to attract audience numbers like they used to on Friends. You be the judge:

Kylie and Nat’s airport greeting

Courtney and Jennifer are finally more than friends


Over the non-ratings holiday period free-to-air repeats of Friends appeared. It’s more than 10 years my relationship started with Phoebe, Joey, Ross and Rachel, Chandler and Monica. The six of them have always been high maintenance – the couplings, the holiday seasons, the pets (illegal monkey, hairless cat, allergy-inducing dog). They took a lot of attention then and all these years later, like a tune you and an ex called ‘our song’, the Rembrandts’ one hit pulls me back to my couch and into the times we shared. That’s what real friendship demands. With this in mind and a slew of new programs beckoning, who should I clear my calendar and make time to see this year (and perhaps until 2018)?

For quite some time Mondays have been a regular catch up with the girls. Previously juicy brunches with SATC, this year again it’ll be a whimsical walk in Wisteria Lane followed by a proper sit-down meal with the Walkers. Those Brothers & Sisters are friends in need. So good looking, so much repressed emotion and so much estrogen. It didn’t surprise me that the now dead William cheated, what surprised me is that he welcomed ANOTHER woman into his life. I’m already wondering how many tense, tear-jerking family dinners we’ll all need to sit through when Nora is found in a compromising position with McAllister (that’s not a spoiler, just wishful thinking and yes, it’s disloyal to Kitty but she already has everything.)

Mid-week I venture outside my normal circle and go to the other side with Alison Dubois. With her, it’s intense. You have to pay attention; be alert when a dream startles her in the middle of the night. At exactly the same time the Without a Trace gang wants me to look for clues, so bumping our regular catch up to a later slot was the only option.

On top of all that are the associations with fair-weather friends. Those Idol/So You Think You Can Dance/Biggest Losers turn up night after night. Late night wind downs are usually spent in the sublime

So all of that leaves very few spare TV hours to spend quality time with Lipstick Jungle, Cashmere Mafia, Dirty Sexy Money, Samantha Who? plus a catch-up with my new bestie Liz Lemon (30 Rock –you will LOVE her.)

It’s always been a mystery as to how characters in TV shows fit in work, relationships, shopping, eating and seeing their friends in their aspirational lives, but it’s obvious. We never see any of them watching television. Where’s the fun in that?