TV cares, but do we?

April 7, 2008

A scan of this week’s schedule reveals a list of programs focussing on mental health issues being given prime time slots. 


Tonight at 9.35pm Andrew Denton is delving inside other’s heads for tonight’s Enough Rope special Angels and Demons, that he made after attending the 2007 Annual Mental Health Services Conference.  Tuesday at 8pm a new locally made 4-part series called Stress Buster begins.  SB captures the day-to-day challenges of highly strung workplaces and tries to make them more pleasant places to spend our waking hours.  Screening Thursday night at 8.30pm is The Oasis: Australia’s Homeless Youth; a 2-hour doco that followed a group of Sydney’s homeless kids over 2 years.


There appears to be no obvious reason for all of these ABC shows to be falling so closely together.  Australia’s official Mental Health Week is in October.  It’s a real mystery.  Or perhaps an opportunity.  Programmers often turn away from hard-hitting documentaries because they reckon after a long, hard day at the office, the last thing viewers want is to think about real issues.  But they’ll be watching and if more of us tune in to Channel 9’s My Kid’s a Star (Wed night 7.30) than the above programs, then we have no one to blame but ourselves.