Britney’s on the fast track

November 26, 2008

Summer programming used to mean repeats of old sitcoms squeezed between cricket matches.  But with the glut of shows and the knee jerk reaction of network heads pulling shows off air prematurely, we look set to enjoy a flood of riches during the months when the sun traditionally shines.


One such gem is set to air Tuesday, December 2 at 7.30pm on Channel 10.  Britney: For the Record is a documentary made by MTV that combines first person interviews with behind the scenes footage of her comeback, ending on a high at this years’ VMA Awards.  Love or loathe the pop princess, you’ve gotta admire anyone who can return to the place where they shamed themselves, doped up in their underwear the year previous. 


For The Record is screening on in the US on November 30th, so it can almost legitimately be promoted as being fast tracked Down Under.  In a bonus, Dec 2nd is also Britney’s 27th birthday.


The trailer suggests it’ll be a little bit Monica in Black & White meets Madonna’s Truth or Dare.  It could be too early to call it the must-see over summer, but it’s sure to be hot viewing.



The story goes that Britney personally called the producers of How I Met Your Mother and begged to appear alognside ex-Doogie Howser. She thought this’d be a great way to re-brand herself and get back in the spotlight for all the right reasons and it seems NBC news agrees. Check it out for yourself here.

You can also buy yourself a piece of her comeback by bidding for the clothes she wore on the show. Everything up for sale resembles something worn by a character on Little House on The Prarie and I’m more than disappointed that there are no underpants listed, but this may be the only time us normal chicks can be seen in something worn by the pop princess.