The Seinfeld Curse Goes Eponymous

September 19, 2008

Kramer, George, Elaine and Jerry were our favourite unlikeable friends for 9 consecutive seasons. We couldn’t get enough of the cynical New Yorkers and their show about nothing. The final over-hyped episode delivered the last great ratings that any of them would ever get. Julia-Louis Dreyfuss has barely held onto her dignity in The New Adventures of Old Christine. Jason Alexander has looked uncomfortable on any other set and Michael Richards permanently removed himself from mainstream television via one racial slur and the power of Youtube.

Apart from Bee Movie, the show’s creator Jerry Seinfeld has managed to limit the damage, simply by avoiding all on-air commitments. Then Bill Gates came calling with a cheque for $10 million and a chance to be cooler than the Mac Guy. Instead, it seems that Jerry has now become the final victim of his former successful sitcom’s fate. Only two weeks after running the first commercial, Microsoft have pulled Jerry’s 90 second performances from air. Described as ‘too obscure’ the ads didn’t make the impact they were meant to. Perhaps the main problem is that, like many Apple lovers contend, the Microsoft commercial is a poor second cousin to the original. And, that when Jerry isn’t supported by incredible actors, he’s just a skinny, awkward guy with an overly large head and no fashion sense whose 15 minutes have definitely passed.


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