Does Ch 9 have a death wish?

August 18, 2008

There have been many brutal TV show axings in recent years for various reasons.  Who knows what happened to those annoying contestants stranded on The Resort (dropped in its 5th week) and no one cared whether Yasmin ever got married (banished after week one).  The brilliant Studio 60 on Sunset Strip only managed one season and Cashmere Mafia was one of many casualties of the US Writer’s strike. 


But it was Channel 9 who set the record for short-lived programming.  On September 4, 1992, Doug Mulray fronted Australia’s Naughtiest Home Videos.  Being a 90 minute special spun off from Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show, you’d expect that it’s entire season would have been played out.  However, after only 35 minutes of animal rutting and scantily clad humans, legend has it that Kerry Packer dialled the studio direct and ordered the staff to ‘get that shit off the air’.


Three years since Packer’s death and deep in a ratings slump, it appears that staff have been trawling archive boxes for ideas.  Someone found an intact tape of Naughtiest and it is expected to appear next Thursday night at 8.30pm. (That’s August 28th – you wouldn’t waste gold like this while the Olympics is on).


Let’s hope they have a ratings-blitzing Two and a Half Men repeat on hand for when this moment inevitably plays out again. 



4 Responses to “Does Ch 9 have a death wish?”

  1. tvmatters Says:

    It may seem funny now, but are we still going to think that when Altogether Now is resurrected?

  2. BrettSnelgrove Says:

    Channel 9 – The one to Watch!

  3. suburbanknights Says:

    Of course Nine has a death wish. It is a station run by utter fuck-tards who wouldn’t know quality content if it drove a tram up its arse and rang the bell. Nine=Evil. I hate the bastards. The only quality programming they have is the stuff they’ve nicked off Foxtel. Which begs the question: “Why the Hell am I paying for Fox when I know that all the half-decent shit will end up Nine anyway?” God help Nine should Gordon Ramsey drop dead. Sons of bitches. Peace.

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