Do we need another Heather Mills?

July 14, 2008

BBC3 last week launched a new beauty talent search with a twist – BRITAIN’S MISSING TOP MODEL. Eight spunky girls, each with a disability, battle it out to become England’s next top model. The show’s first episode premiered well, delivering 30% above the broadcaster’s average. It certainly appears that having a limb missing doesn’t affect a contestant’s ability to bitch and moan. The first few minutes preview the entire series. Is it empowering to watch imperfect women getting photographed in underwear or nude? Will we be inspired by watching them roll down the catwalk? And how did they find a wheelchair accessible penthouse for the girls to share??


3 Responses to “Do we need another Heather Mills?”

  1. Jo Says:

    It seems it’s true – to be a top model, most people have to grow at least another foot.

  2. tvmatters Says:

    thanks Jo

    and shouldn’t all minorities get their shot at reality tv humiliation?

  3. themolk Says:

    Does the winner get a shot at Paul McCartney too?

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