Kath and Kim get supersized

July 9, 2008

Shortly after the first episode of the US version of K & K wrapped, NBC upped its order from 6 eps to 13. After enjoying both the original British and American versions of The Office, will we be able to embrace this glossier take on the suburban lifestyle?



4 Responses to “Kath and Kim get supersized”

  1. BrettSnelgrove Says:

    Looks like NBC have had the video pulled from YouTube, D’Oh!

  2. tvmatters Says:

    Have another go – it’s still working if you just click on the play arrow on the blog.

  3. BrettSnelgrove Says:

    Got it to work. Be interested to see how the US interpret it and the difference in the humour

  4. themolk Says:

    I’d watch it (but then I like the US version of The Office only marginally more than the UK version – sacrelige!). I think the influence in the States may have already spoken… if all 13 eps make it to air, they won’t be in the middle of this original timeslot… they’re already calling for the hounds to be released on it and we haven’t seen an ep!

    It’s an acquired taste to start with, and America’s funny bone has been dull for years, with only a few highlights. SIGH…

    Of course, I may be well wrong and it turns into a cult hit. I hope so, as it’s a pretty good idea, with some great character performances in the Aus version – I hope they can pull the same in the US version.

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