Are you for real?

July 9, 2008

Last week Fox Reality Channel in the US announced that it had commissioned a new series that pits former reality tv ‘stars’ against one another to win their very own reality TV show. Obviously they are casting from a very shallow pool of those who were voted off early, because anyone vaguely talented has already been booked for a high profile gig on something like Celebrity Singing Bee or Hole In The Wall. Since production doesn’t start until later in the year there may be time to get involved. A new service offered by The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills may qualify you for Fox. As part of their newly launched Academy program, US$2500 buys you an Emmy award winning crew who’ll document your antics for 24 hours. Like all good reality fodder, the raw footage will be retained by the producers and you’ll be given edited package that surely will only highlight your best qualities.


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