Their pain is our audience gain

July 3, 2008

Wipeout is the latest show from Endemol that’s being rolled out around the world. The idea behind it was to come up with a show that would create hugely popular clips for YouTube. Obviously they couldn’t get away with anything too sexy and there was no format that lent itself to cute animal montages. So, this cross between It’s a Knockout and Gladiators is their new lawsuit waiting to happen. Similarly to how multiple versions of Survivor are made, the Wipeout set is located in Argentina and will be used by all other territories that want to make a local version of the show. It’s hard to say whether the cheap production costs in South America or the lack of OHS laws were the prime motivation for this move.

If you can’t wait, the entire first episode is already online, so mission accomplished. The US series which has done frighteningly well in the states will be screened on Ch 9 starting next Tuesday at 7.30pm. This will be closely followed by a call for Aussie contestants who are willing to travel to Argentina after signing a comprehensive waiver. Here’s a little something to get you in the mood…


3 Responses to “Their pain is our audience gain”

  1. BrettSnelgrove Says:

    Oh My God!

    People are going to go nuts for this!

    First it was the variety hour revival and now extreme game shows are back.

  2. themolk Says:

    Now that’s just awesome… cannot wait to see the series here. The Aussie version should stink worse than that ‘truth’ show they screened over here (wonder if they got enough contestants from their call in Oz for that?!).

    Between this and that silly Japanese “fit people through holes in a large foam moving wall” that Channel 9 have already filmed with Aussie “celebs”… it looks gloomy on the Aussie prime time TV front. That said, Prison Break is back this week! YAY!

  3. themolk Says:

    The first ep is not even finished, and I love it. The sarcastic commentary. The bimbo out in the field “interviewing” the contestants. The complete disregard for contestant safety (padding can surely only stop so much).

    How do I subscribe?!

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