Idol takes the Mickey

April 3, 2008

It seems that Idol is doing a far better job of cementing global relations than any Kevin Rudd round-the-world handshaking tour.

Firstly, Aussie Michael Johns is in the top 9 of American Idol and winning hearts all over the US, including that of Dolly Parton. Seems even Simon Cowell is being softened by Michael’s Down Under huskiness.


The Australian Idol production team will soon be traversing the globe to unearth the talent of ex-pats for the next local series. And every month that goes by brings us closer to the opening of Disneyland’s American Idol Experience.idol-exp.jpg 

This fusion of mice and men promises a genuine Idol experience, including pre-audition nerves, the rush of performing on stage and the real rejection of not even making it past the first stage in the cattle call, supplied by a Hollywood Studio producer. A lucky few, however, will step up to level 2 of the ‘ride’ where they’ll work with a vocal coach, get a makeover and perform in front of a live audience of theme park guests and a panel of judges. Anyone who survives this with their self-esteem intact could get an audition on the real show.

All this proves reality TV really can bring people together.  Perhaps the Beijing Olympic committee should consider having Idol as it’s demonstration sport.


2 Responses to “Idol takes the Mickey”

  1. themolk Says:

    …there’s gonna be an Idol “ride”?

    Oh. My. God.

    As for the Olympics, I thought China were having ‘international race relations, with a particular focus on Tibet’ as their demonstration sport…

  2. tvmatters Says:

    From what I’ve heard the Idol ‘ride’ may be at an additional cost to the other Disney attractions. Think I’ll stick to the rollercoasters for that sick-in-the-stomach feeling.

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