Could you handle the truth?

February 29, 2008

Moment of Truth is a new gameshow in the US that is getting attention both due to great ratings and rivetting content. Based on a Columbian format, the game involves one contestant being asked a series of questions that they need to answer yes or no to. Prior to appearing, they’ve taken a lie detector test involving hundreds of questions and they have no idea what will be asked once they hit the stage.  The questions get tougher as the amount of prize money builds.  Significant people from the contestant’s lives join them as the show progresses.

This excerpt is from the third episode that aired this week in the States.  The contestant is Lauren Cleri and her husband is the guy in glasses.  According to the show’s official site, the next question that Lauren would have faced had she continued was ‘Do you think you are your parents’ favorite child?’.  But that probably doesn’t matter anymore… 

Clear your schedule and settle in for 10 mins of viewing that will make you feel dirty and superior all at the same time: 


The original series was pulled off air in Columbia after a contestant had to admit to hiring a hit man to bump off her husband.  Channel 9 are developing a local series so that Australia doesn’t miss out.  Can you imagine Aussies signing up for this?


3 Responses to “Could you handle the truth?”

  1. themolk Says:

    …and it just keeps getting better…,23599,23289825-13762,00.html

    What some idiots will do for ca$h. Expect many, many silly Aussies to line up.

  2. suburbanknights Says:

    You would have to be a fucktard of the highest order to sign up for that show. Its just Jerry Springer with cash prizes.

    And who is this Orwellian Female saying “That answer is………True”? What sorta crock is that? Show me the lie detector. Show me the lie detector operator. Don’t gimme this random, contrived true/false crap!

    A Colombian format? I love it.
    “Have you ever exported cocaine out of your country for cash?”
    “Ci, Senor”
    “That answer is…….True! Ay Caramba!!!!!!”

  3. tvmatters Says:

    The entire US series is going to be screened here before the local version and now with this whipping around the net, perhaps no one will turn up to audition for the Aussie production…if only.

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