Finally, a girl we can really laugh AT

February 5, 2008

There’s a pervasive belief in the media, and sadly perhaps the rest of the world, that there is no such thing as a funny AND attractive woman. Comediennes either are those who make others laugh as a reaction to not being born stereotypically sexy (Roseanne Barr, Kathy Griffin, Lucille Ball) or they are stunning but only vaguely amusing (Kathryn Heigl, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Anniston) and therefore perfect to star in romantic comedies. Up until now it has appeared that sexy and funny didn’t co-exist, particularly on the small screen.



Drum roll please, because finally those of us who’ve been waiting for the attributes of cutting wit and a smashing body to turn up in one package have a role model to loudly call our own. Bring on Sarah Silverman.

If somehow you got through the past couple of days without being forwarded the Youtube link to Sarah’s song for her boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel, then your day is about to get a whole lot better.



To clue you in on the object of our collective affection, her self-titled sitcom debuted in early ‘07 and attracted the highest premiere ratings for a Comedy Central show in three years. She was the host of the MTV awards who joked about Paris Hilton being imprisoned behind bars shaped like penises. Consequently, she was also on the spot to witness, and embraced the opportunity to berate, THAT performance of Britney’s. And if you’ve somehow missed all that, it’s probably too much to hope that you’ve spotted her on the brilliant puppet behind-the-scenes comedy Greg the Bunny.


She’s adored by both sexes alike and for the same thing – her body and her mind. She turns up in the domains of men – Maxim, Wired – and equally fits right in on The View. And thankfully she doesn’t rely on menstrual cycles and bad boyfriends to provide her comical commentary. No, she plays with the big boys satirizing issues like racism, sexism and religion. And when she does, she’s very, very funny and often a little bit dirty, as you’re about to see.


However, this isn’t just about having a chuckle at your desk, where hopefully you had the forethought to plug in headphones. This is about proving, in a far more convincing way than a power breakfast with the Cashmere Mafia, that real women can and do have it all. So, as you sit back and revel in the content, also get inspired by the fact that there’s finally a popular woman on television who proves f*ckability and funny are not mutually exclusive.





3 Responses to “Finally, a girl we can really laugh AT”

  1. Gregster Says:

    Holy s$#t, that is freakin’ hysterical. I would love to have been there while they were making that clip…I bet Matt was killing himself laughing.

    So pardon my ignorance, but is there a backstory behind this Jimmy guy, Ms Silverman and Mr Damon?

  2. tvmatters Says:

    There has been a long running feud, with Jimmy Kimmel taking the piss out of Matt for years.

  3. tvmatters Says:

    I guess you could say this is the ultimate revenge. How can we make Matt Damon an honorary Aussie?

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