I can’t help but wonder if we’re being set up for a Big let down…

January 23, 2008

A few weeks ago certain passionate Sex and the City fans in this office had a chat that became a heated discussion that ended in a stand-up argument about what point in time the SATC movie is set in. The crux of the conversation centered on whether time has passed since we last saw Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte and their entourage. Will the big screen be filled with Carrie calling out John’s name (no wonder she used a pet name) in ecstasy as they consummate their escape from Paris and re-commitment? Or, as the main opponent foresaw, will it reflect that years have passed like in our lives? Can it only work if the four women are back to struggling with single status or will they bring glamour to facing a mid-life crisis?

Either way, the transition from TV to feature is always going to be a tough one, and with SATC there are particular challenges. In the comfort of your own home you can laugh with superiority, cringe with familiarity and jot down sex tips from their choreographed onscreen copulations. Won’t it feel dirty witnessing similar scenes whilst sitting next to a stranger licking hot buttered popcorn off your fingers? And after six jam-packed seasons that explored everything from going up the butt to going overseas, what could possibly be left for these four fashion icons to tackle in 90 minutes in a darkened theatre?

Surely everyone who’s been desperately hanging out for a well-earned reunion over brunch at Pastis has already checked out the poster.


At first glance it’s all good. The glittering pink lettering, the great dress, a strutting confident grown-up Carrie, compared to that ballet-skirted girl who first greeted us on the streets of NYC in 1998. However, look again and you’ll be struck cold by that byline. Shudder. We’ve sympathised with the SATC writers who were forced week after week to balance realistic dialogue with the ‘I often wonder’ headline that Carrie would pound into her sad Mac (the only laptop that is part of the American Treasures collection at the Smithsonian Institute).

Let’s hope that this was a last-minute thing – that the production team had been struggling with changing schedules, precious talent, bad light, late nights in the edit suite and that Michael Patrick King didn’t get time for approval.

I fear the most heart-wrenching break up in SATC history could be on its way.


3 Responses to “I can’t help but wonder if we’re being set up for a Big let down…”

  1. themolk Says:

    SATC was a delicious pleasure for a while when I first saw it… so many taboos, and I’m a guy enjoying this who isn’t gay?!

    I almost feel disconnected from the girlsome now that I’m not sure I care. Carrie got her man – who cares that the movie is about the wedding – that’s all we needed to worry about. Every thing else remains vacuous (or have I missed the point?).

    The only episode that anyone will care about now, if ever made, will be the SATC reunion where we learn that Charlotte divorced and remarried for more money, Samantha died with her ankles behind her head with a large man called “Bubba” stuffing dollar bills in her vagina, Miranda went through a Bhuddist monk phase only to realise she really didn’t love anyone but herself so became a monogamous lesbian, and Carrie… well, Carrie lived as happily ever after as a homeless person with 30 pairs of manolo blahniks can…


  2. Carries-best-heels (Melita) Says:

    I don’t think they should do it! Full stop. It’s not needed. it will be poxy! The show rocks – let’s not taint its fabulous memory!

  3. No weddings! Says:

    I really hope the whole movie isn’t about the wedding. Maybe the movie could be a prequel? Nice blog you’ve got here! 🙂

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